The Le Parasol ‘Kraken’ offers cool cephalopod relief from the sun

from the depths

Despite its appearance, this is not a creature meant to get wet. It is a parasol, not an umbrella. So this Kraken – handcrafted by mother-daughter duo Anna Hess and Jessica Hess of Le Parasol – is meant for sunny weather. Because you would not want to get the gold-and-blue octopus (hand-painted by artist Bianca Flynn Sanders) sprawled out on display wet. The rain water would interfere with the 20 different shades of metallic, pearlescent and vivid matte paints that went into creating the eight-legged creature of the ocean, vibrant in its metallic flakes.

A hand-stitched teal sequin trim completes the nautical picture of protective shade, with Italian gold frame, handle and wristlet adding a bit of glamour under cover. Like what you see? Yours for only US$850 (RM3,655)

Le Parasol ‘Kraken’

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Published June 15, 2017