Baume et Mercier draws inspiration from the stars for its new cuff watches

constellation prize

Baume et Mercier’s design team was tasked with flexing its creative muscles in order to create a trio of cuffs built around its Promesse line of women’s watches. The line draws inspiration from the constellation Coma Berenices, named after Queen Berenice II of Egypt who sacrificed her legendary curls to Aphrodite to ensure her husband’s safe return from war.

Limited to 10 pieces in three different styles, the standout of the trio is the Promesse Moon Phase (pictured above), set with 34 diamonds and wrapped in a night-blue raw-silk drape cuff bracelet, embroidered with Akoya pearls and silver thread meant to replicate the night’s sky.

A second dark blue variant features a dark lambskin cuff surrounding a time-only Promesse timepiece, with natural pearl studs trimming its edges. Finally, the Petite Promesse places a double-wrapped lambskin strap over a chain-mail cuff bracelet, once again adorned with Akoya pearls sprinkled across the chain mail like stars in the night’s sky.

All three variations in the series will be priced at CHF7,000 (RM30,535).

Baume et Mercier

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Published October 7, 2017