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Spellbinding architecture at Arte Mont Kiara

Dubbed a ‘living work of art’, Arte Mont Kiara is the synthesis of artistic nuance meeting architectural brilliance. This brand-new residential project by developer Nusmetro, launched March 2016 and comprises three crystallised residential towers on a podium.

The underpinning theme of Arte Mont Kiara is French Retro; a liberated, classical style which echoes the grandeur and finery of France’s Belle Epoque. Referencing this beautiful era, the design team places lavish golden chandeliers over polished, patterned floors at drop-off points. This vision segues into a lobby of majestic columns, reverberating with baroque overtones of mosaic tiles – carefully pieced together to form a sweeping floral-inspired pathway.

Each of the three residential towers boast their own unique take on French Retro; Tower Three is a sleek vision of glitzy, chromatic highlights with a Rainbow Lounge conceived of a knitted artwork which conveys an impression of colourful-looking ink droplets, hanging from the ceilings. Meanwhile, Tower One takes the breath away with ornate touches of giant framed art, plush carpeting and sinuous, curvy lounge furniture.

On the facilities podium, a variety of sculptural forms provides the impression of a wonderland walkthrough. On the journey to the oval-shaped gym, one may be happily lost in an amazing vista of landscaped walkways, flowing water, and an extraordinary pavilion. This unique domed pavilion serves as an entertainment space, with its glassed exterior offering vistas of lush floral surroundings. Inside this three-storey structure, the Diamond Lounge is designed to again to reflect the glorious age of French Retro, with bespoke designs on furniture and lamps.

The adjacent Flower Dome – with its flower-covered gazebo – adds to the fantasy setting of Arte Mont Kiara’s landscaped grounds, as does the Tea Garden. The latter transports one to a setting of quiet trees, manicured lawns, meandering waterways and a giant lamp centrepiece. This eclectic design continues with giant decorative chess pieces by the driveway. Up above, commanding views of Mont Kiara suburbia and the city skyline, are the Jacuzzi Pods, cleverly interpreted as pools amidst a glacial landscape.

A choice of duplex and simplex residential units provide owners with their own canvas to create their own inspired living space. Arte Mont Kiara’s proximity to the urban, cool Publika offers residents a cornucopia of F&B and entertainment options. Its location along the stretch of convention centres, namely Martrade and the Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre places it strategically amongst South-east Asia’s current largest convention hub. Projected for completion in 2020, Arte Mont Kiara will reimagine the built-up landscape in this corner of Kuala Lumpur, leading the way for an awakening of French Retro design.


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