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Top 10 restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is known as many things to many people: green city, a fine city (in more ways than one), a most expensive city… the list is endless. And according to Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, Singapore also has some of the best dining scenes. Curated by more than 300 restaurant industry experts in Asia, the list features not one, but 10 of our restaurants, each bragging numerous accolades. It’s time to make your bookings.

1. Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

Clocking in at 47, the restaurant is also the only Chinese restaurant from Singapore to be on that list. Despite their stellar line-up of dishes, their signature remains the Peking duck. Orders have to be placed at least three days in advance. The duck is served three ways; first, the crispiest bits of skin are sliced for the diners to enjoy, then slivers of duck meat are wrapped in thin flour crepes with cucumber slices and hoisin sauce. The remaining uncarved duck is brought back into the kitchen, prepared in a style of your choice, from soups and vegetables, to noodles and rice.

Imperial Treasure

2. Osteria Mozza

Sitting at number 45 is Osteria Mozza, a restaurant that originates from USA. Located at Marina Bay Sands just across its sister restaurant Pizzeria Mozza, the restaurant is set up in a casual New York City setting, with a mozzarella bar filled with pastries, and cheeses such as burrata, mozzarella and ricotta. Pastas, which are served in smaller portions, are handmade and done to al dente. The sauces are kept simple but flavourful, adding just the right amount of texture in each bite. Dishes aside, the restaurant practises food waste composting, using alternative fuel sources, and Meatless Mondays.

Osteria Mozza

3. Tippling Club

No one quite does the perfect juggle between food and drink like Tippling Club’s chef Ryan Clift and cocktail maestro Matthew Bax. Ranked 36, this restaurant gets each diner tailoring a drink to go with each dish ordered. Be prepared to be challenged — after all, we’re talking about experimental mixology. A popular favourite on their multi-course tasting menu includes Mrs Potter’s cauliflower cheese; milk, parmesan and black truffle are combined to form a delightful sauce. Truffles make a recurrent appearance; so don’t be surprised if you see them in your drink.

Tippling Club

4. Shinji by Kanesaka

At number 32, Shinji by Kanesaka is more commonly known as the shrine for sushi. Tucked in the iconic Raffles Hotel, the restaurant builds itself on an ethos of traditional culinary art, expressed through omakase set menus. The intimate sushi bar seats just 22, and if you prefer, there’s a private dining option for up to six guests. The highest omakase tier, Omakase Shin, includes appetisers, an assortment of premium sashimi, cooked dishes, sushi, soup and Japanese fruit. Unsurprisingly, freshly sliced sashimi is the star of the show for all the sets. That said, high expectations are also met when it comes to cooked dishes, such as the five-hour steamed Hokkaido abalone.

Shinji by Kanesaka

5. Burnt Ends

Charcoal master Dave Pynt takes barbecued food to a whole new level. At this open-kitchen restaurant (ranked 30), chefs fiddle with industrial machinery, and it seems almost primal to watch chunks of meat turn crisp in the double-cavity wood burning brick kiln. The menu changes daily, and dishes include a staple of fish, pork and beef, prepared with techniques such as smoking, slow roasting, and cooking directly over coals. Bookings are available during lunch and dinner at 12pm or 12.30pm, and 6pm or 6.30pm respectively. Walk-ins are only accepted after 12.30pm and 6.30pm.

Burnt Ends

6. Iggy's

Yet another hotel hideout. Iggy’s (ranked 18) sits on the border of Orchard Road in Hilton Hotel. Named after its owner, Ignatius Chan, the restaurant reflects Chan’s travels around the world. The dishes reference a variety of cuisines including Asian and European fare, but there’s nothing “fusion” about it. Each dish is named simply, but is dressed in an artful manner, unique to Iggy’s. The menu changes depending on what’s in season, with just one signature dish — capellini with sakura ebi, kunbu and shellfish oil — available all year round. The wine list is also extensive with a focus on Burgundy and pinot noir. It’ll probably be helpful to note that Chan is an award-winning sommelier, so you won’t go wrong with a glass or two of his recommendations.


7. Les Amis

It has rightfully earned its stripes as the oldest independent European fine dining restaurant in the city. First opened in 1994, Les Amis (ranked 13) received a major facelift this year, and now accommodates over 100 guests, with a second floor decked with private rooms. Executive chef Sebastian Lepinoy’s European favourites are given free-spirited spins, as seen in dishes such as bluefin tuna carpaccio with crunchy foie gras toast, seared scallops with teriyaki sauce, and succulent Atlantic cod served with a traditional fish bone sauce. Wine pairings are almost-always encouraged, with their wine cellar containing more than 3,000 bottles of liquid gold.

Les Amis

8. Jaan

Snatching the 11th spot is Jann, sitting on the 70th floor of Siwssotel The Stamford. Even with panoramic views of the city’s skyline, diners are always brought back to their main reason of patronage, Jaan’s offerings. The chef de cuisine pays homage to seasonal produce, choosing to use products from small-time farmers, and giving guests a taste of the French countryside. While you may have heard of the 55-degree smoked egg, the less flashy dishes are equally impactful showcasing vegetables such as Jerusalem and Chinese artichokes, Hokkaido corn, and Italian spring onions. Portions may be small, but you’re paying for quality, and quality is what you’ll get. Degustation menus with wine pairings are available.


9. Waku Ghin

It’s one of the two restaurants to make it to the top 10. At number nine, Waku Ghin is helmed by master chef Tetsuya Wakuda. It boasts a unique concept, with its restaurant split into four rooms; three private cocoon rooms, one main dining area and a bar, each hosted by a personal chef who prepares a feast in front of eager diners. The menu boasts a beautiful medley of rich flavours, including signatures such as marinated botan shrimp with sea urchin and caviar and asmanian beef. Dessert provides equal satisfaction with guests retiring to a separate room following the eighth course for some sweet delicacies, including a delicate signature Ghin cheesecake.

Waku Ghin

10. Restaurant André

It comes to little surprise that Restaurant Andre clinches the fifth best restaurant in South-east Asia, considering that Taiwan-born Andre Chiang brings a wealth of experience with him. The chef-owner had worked in France, Shanghai, and the Seychelles, before making Singapore his home. What’s surprising, however, is that the restaurant was only opened in 2014. Housed in an intimate 19th century shop house along Bukit Pasoh, the restaurant seats just 30 guests. The menu is based on his ‘Octaphilosophy’ theme of eight main dishes — Unique, Pure, Texture, Memory, Salt, South, Artisan, and Terroir. Amuse bouches and desserts are also available, adding up to what can be a 15-course menu.

Restaurant André

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Published May 22, 2016