The New Old

Porsche surpasses new targets with a revision of an old classic

Roaring in with a power output for 370hp and a top speed of 305km/h, the gorgeous Porsche 911 Targa S and 4S are irresistible to the ardent car collector.

The Targa was a knee-jerk reaction from Porsche in the 1960s to the US government’s rumoured impending ban on fully-open convertibles. Accordingly, Porsche rushed out an automobile with a partially open top equipped with a strong stainless steel-clad roll bar. This feature endowed the Targa with great sturdiness and an uncanny visage, with which it went on to win many races as well as many hearts. The new Targa has kept the original’s sleek and now iconic silhouette, which tapers with a curvaceous boot and racy round tail pipes. Possessing an endearing purr, its potent engine can propel this magnificent beast from zero to 100km/h in four seconds. Driven by three-litre twin-turbo flat engines that can produce torque ranging from 1,700 to 7,500 rpm, the Targa’s smart technology is evolved from those of preceding models, such as the 918 Spyder and its interchangeable driving modes.

Porsche’s enchanting steeds possess superior acceleration and control, and most importantly, guarantee an extremely pleasurable driving experience.


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