Mornings are always great with Panpuri’s Early Riser Perfume Candle

Rise & Shine

There’s nothing quite like waltzing into a room gently perfumed by the aroma of a candle. And it seems that Panpuri has hit that spot with its latest Early Riser Perfume Candle.

While there are no prizes for guessing that the playful rooster ornament is meant to pay homage to the Year of the Rooster, this is one gift we wouldn’t mind receiving any time of the year, any year, regardless of occasion. Here are three reason why you will love it too.

1) It uses a blend of herbs and spices

At first sniff, you’ll pick out top notes of lime and bergamots, followed by lavender and wild herbs. But a few whiffs more and you’ll realise that what helps the scent stand out are the base notes of oak moss, but you’ll also get a good whiff of thyme and anise.

2) Soy wax is used

Apart from having no pollutants or soot, this translates to a burn time of approximately 60 hours. The wick is also made with an all-natural plant fibre.

3) The vessel doubles as a jar after use

You don’t have to say goodbye to it once the flame has been extinguished for good. Clean the ivory ceramic vessel up and you’ve a unique ornament for your mantelpiece! Better yet, use it to store (non-food related) items.

The Early Riser Perfume Candle (250g) retails at THB 2,900 (RM368).


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