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Chef Darren Chin and Hennessy present Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2017

Sweet notes, wood crunches, flowing flame, rising heat and a chocolate lull experienced across an infinite echo with a spicy edge. These are the seven chapters of the Hennessy X.O multisensory experience, brought to life on the palate with this year’s edition of the Hennessy X.O Odyssey.

Over a month between July and August, Chef Darren Chin of DC Restaurant invites discerning gourmands to partake in a specially curated menu. Each course pairs with a measure of Hennessy X.O served either neat, on the rocks or with a dash of water to best compliment the culinary story.

Describing the collaboration, Chin said “The menu is a clear expression of chef and cognac as one entity. Not only have I found a balance with Hennessy X.O, I have created a menu that is luxurious, bold and utterly decadent."

The menu for this year’s Hennessy X.O Odyssey will be available at DC Restaurant from July 18 to August 15 — every Tuesday through Sunday — at RM888++ per guest. Reservations can be made via the DC restaurant website or via phone at +603 7731 0502 or +6012 223 2991.

DC Restaurant

1. Sweet Notes

Botan ebi raises the curtains with heirloom tomato granite, konbu kelp and lemon basil; drizzled with chilli oil. Hennessy X.O cognac on the rocks.

2. Infinite Echo

Springy Takao cold somen with a crown of Ogawa bafun uni & truffle celeriac cream, a Chef Chin signature. Hennessy X.O cognac with a splash of water.

3. Wood Crunches

Spring Galician octopus with green gazpacho and burnt leeks in dark rye crumbs. Hennessy X.O cognac topped up with warm water.

4. Spicy Edge

Snow Crab two ways: consommé infused with lemon balm; and with white asparagus, cilantro nam jim and gochujang hollandaise with a wall of black truffle. Hennessy X.O cognac with a splash of water.

5. Flowing Flame

A generous cut of organic chicken with crunchy grilled heirloom parsnips augmented with mild bertutu spice and a celeriac-carotene sauce. Hennessy X.O cognac with cold water and ice.

6. Rising Heat

The solo appearance of red meat, Italian veal fillet poached in milk encircled by a red pepper and foie gras emulsion. Hennessy X.O neat.

7. Chocolate Lull

A scoop of 100 percent Arabica coffee ice cream with lemon chantilly and spiced hairy banana, offset with the flaky Moroccan delight that is m’hencha brings the dinner service to its sweet ending. Hennessy X.O neat.

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Published July 1, 2017