Datuk Kelvin Tan, Chairman of TSH Resources Bhd, in the Aston Martin DB11

beautiful is… Courage

Datuk Kelvin Tan, Chairman of TSH Resources Bhd and self-confessed Aston Martin loyalist, equates courage to inhabiting a state of happiness, and shares the family values upon which has helped him to this point.

“Since my first encounter with Aston Martin in 2009, I’ve become one of the brand’s biggest fans. There’s something very gentlemanly about the car, in how its design has evolved. The new DB11 shows a strikingly impressive performance with its exhilarating double turbo, effortless handling and excellent design.”

“I love it when a car gives me the confidence to be myself, the courage to express who I am. It is a very liberating feeling. In that same way, I have found that the values inculcated within me by my mother have proven to be true; fairness, kindness and respect equates to happiness. Embracing diversity, rather than criticising imperfections, helps us to transcend petty concerns and makes us happy. Once you are happy, you are free and life becomes so beautiful.”

The Aston Martin DB11 5.2-litre V12, 600bhp, top speed of 322km/hr, 0-100km in 3.9 seconds. Starts from RM2.3million (including local taxes and duties).

Photography: Eric Chow/ Blink Studio
Shot on location: St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

Aston Martin

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