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Fat Cow

Fat Cow

If your guests are committed carnivores, head straight for Fat Cow, reputed to be one of the best Japanese steak restaurants in town. While the environment veers more towards the minimalist, the decor isn’t what you’re there for — it’s the well-marbled and succulent steaks, various grades of Wagyu from three prefectures in Japan, namely Saga (A3), Ohmi (A4) and Iwate (A5), along with breeds from Australia and the US. With such top-grade meat, charcoal grilled is the preferred style of cooking but Fat Cow also offers sukiyaki or shabu-shabu. To ease you into the meat-fest, this Michelin listed restaurant’s appetiser of tai no kuro-toryufu (white bream slices laced with truffle oil and topped with black truffle) in particular is highly recommended.

Fat Cow
Camden Medical Centre Singapore
1 Orchard Boulevard
Tel: +65 6735 0308

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Published August 11, 2017