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Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends

For guests who enjoy the uncomplicated pleasure of watching a solid slab of meat being cooked over open flames, Burnt Ends is sure to please. But while this Michelin listed modern Australian BBQ establishment has the characteristic Down Under casualness, it takes its craft seriously. The meats are top quality and once chosen and weighed, they’re cooked over four-ton, double-cavity apple and almond wood-burning brick kilns. Even as the steaks are cooked in front of you, there’s absolutely no worry that you’ll leave smelling of smoke due to superb ventilation. To accompany your meal, choose from a wine list focusing on small growers, regional styles and varietals from Australian native, Chef David Pynt’s homeland, although there are also craft beers to douse the flames.

Burnt Ends
20 Teck Lim Road
Singapore 088391
Tel: +65 6224 3933

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Published August 11, 2017