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Phantom II Continental by Freestone and Webb

When the demand rose for cars that were more viable and reliable at covering substantial distances, Rolls-Royce answered with the Continental. “Whether open-top or closed, Continentals were good at getting down the road," says Austin. “Today we would call them GT cars. They were meant for travel from country to country as opposed to many of the Rolls-Royce models that were intended to be limousines for around town."

Part of a line that was produced from 1929 through 1936, the particular 1935 Phantom II Continental pictured here is a convertible dressed by Freestone and Web — a London-based coachbuilder who crafted it to be both extremely eye-catching and comfortable.

“Its aesthetic edge and 1930s glamour mark out this two-door as a design icon," says Taylor. “One senses that the owners would have been the stars of their day."

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Published November 30, 2017