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Phantom VIII

With the longest-running model name since cars were created, the Rolls-Royce Phantom has been the refined ride of royalty, rock stars and rarefied society in general. Debuted in 1925, the model is now in only its eighth generation. The latter, the logically delineated Phantom VIII, made its world premiere in London on July 27 of this year.

Simultaneously dubbed by the marque as “the most technically advanced Rolls-Royce ever" and “the most silent motor car in the world," the phenomenal four-door is, quite simply, the epitome of elegance in aesthetics, amenities and the occupants’ overall drive experience.

Within the oversized sedan sits a 563 hp, 6.75-liter twin-turbo V-12. Regulating the engine is an 8-speed gearbox that works in tandem with the car’s Satellite Aided Transmission. The overall combination permits the Phantom to fly from zero to 100kph in 5.3 seconds on its way to 248 kph.

Complementing the power train is a new aluminium space frame that bolsters the car’s rigidity by 30 percent compared to past versions. And its updated self-leveling air suspension ensures that the Rolls-Royce’s renowned sensation of wafting over the road is even more remarkable.

Inside the cabin, numerous details vie for the eye’s attention, but the most visually innovative addition is the gallery — a glass-enclosed presentation of commissioned art that runs the length of the dash.

But as with the Phantoms before it, the VIII is meant to be truly enjoyed from the backseat, where rear picnic tables, theater monitors, a Champagne chiller (stocked with crystal stemware) and plush lambs-wool rugs provide further pampering.

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Published November 30, 2017