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Galeries Lafayatte Haussmann, Paris, France

The centrepiece of Galeries Lafayette’s annual Christmas decorations every year is the massive tree that hangs from its cupola. This year the theme is funfair, and the tree is now a giant inflated croquembouche – a pile of macarons, candy, doughnuts, biscuits, chocolates and all manner of sweet treats. The theme continues into its windows along Boulevard Haussmann. Titled ‘Spectacular, Spectacular’, it follows a race between Pierre, the hero pigeon, and his sweetheart, Coco the gentle dove, as they fly through gloriously-detailed scenes of ferris wheels, circuses, roller coasters, hot air balloons, fairground claw machines and snow-dusted scenes of Paris.

Galeries Lafayette, Haussmann

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Published December 1, 2017