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Barneys, New York City, USA

Designed by the Haas twins Simon and Nikolai, Barneys’ 2017 Christmas display is decidedly non-traditional. Titled ‘Haas for the Holidays’, the windows depict a surrealistic journey from the creation of the earth through the present and into the future. Celebrating individuality, inclusiveness and love – with a touch of environmentalism – the windows are most importantly also fun to look at. Primordial starts with volcanoes and cellular lifeforms evolving in the soup of life, moving into Utopia – a grassland scene with Rainbow Baggins the zebra and his friend Rhino-na Wyder, all the way into Millenium that imagines a digital forest. Our favourite is the cute and futuristic Mushroom Singularity, an alien-like diorama of dreamlike mushrooms that includes an incredible visual pun – a shiny star with the phrase ‘Sun body loves you’!


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Published December 1, 2017