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Hamlet 25th Year Salomon

US$10.50 or RM42.98

Three years ago, cigar impresario Rocky Patel met Cuban cigar maker Hamlet Paredes, who had just immigrated to the United States, and immediately hired him. Hamlet—he usually just goes by his first name professionally—was born and raised in Havana and had spent more than 25 years in the cigar industry, where he perfected his cigar-making skills, including mastering the art of rolling cigars without moulds or presses, a technique known as “free hand." The culmination of all this is Hamlet’s resurrection of an old Cuban shape, a 7 5/8 x 58 Salomon figurado. It is a different, milder blend than his previous Tabaquero Salomon and smokes with a medium-rich, mellow smoothness, thanks to Hamlet’s use of a Mexican maduro wrapper combined with a Nicaraguan and Brazilian filler.

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Published February 2, 2019