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Witness 115 Past And Present Iconic Penang Locations In This New Book

Then and now

Penang, Malaysia’s gourmet state, gets a new book documenting a host of iconic locations around the island from today as compared to a century ago. Launched by The Edison George Town hotel, this new visual guide – Then And Now, A Century Of Change In Pictures – features a historical collection of 115 images curated by Marcus Langdon and Keith Hockton.

The book, a collaboration between The Edison George Town, Penang, Nam Loong Fine Jewellery and Think City, took three years to produce and features 115 sites. The spots featured were chosen due to their historical significance to Penangites and visitors.

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To ensure authenticity, the authors wanted present images to be taken at the exact photographic spot or angle. However, this proved to be a challenge as many vantage points are either gone or are now inaccessible, leading to necessary concessions.

The duo, both historical researchers, received inspiration for the book when they debuted an exhibition highlighting a number of comparisons of Penang in the pat and present. Visitors overwhelmingly voted in favour of the images that depicted Penang’s past, sparking an idea for a larger collection of comparison images that led to this book.

The Edison George Town, Penang

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Published September 26, 2019