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This RM12,590 Soundbar Will Bring Your Home Theatre Experience To Life

Theatrical upgrade

Be right in the thick of Max Rockastanky’s high-octane runaway down Fury Road or hear the sound of bullet travel in The Matrix with Sennheiser’s first all-in-one soundbar. Called the Ambeo, the RM12,590 device will deliver 5.1.4 sound and a deep level of bass without the need of a subwoofer.

The Ambeo soundbar comes with 13 drivers – including 6×4-inch long throw woofers for deep bass, 5×1-inch alloy fabric dome tweeters and 2×3.5-inch top-firing speakers – in a sleek lacquered and brushed aluminium package. Sennheiser touts their new soundbar as “a studio-grade audio experience” engineered for the home.


Through the use of an initial room calibration, the Ambeo uses Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and MPEG-H to deliver 3D sound, giving listeners a sense of spacial awareness for compatible movies. This equated to more realistic highs and lows, a greater degree of dimension and more nuanced details that you’ll be able to pick up.

Connectivity options include a built-in Google Chromecast, Bluetooth and HDMI.

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The device is also operable using Sennheiser’ Smart Control app, delivering greater control of sound delivery and firmware updates to ensure your Ambeo soundbar endures the test of time. For those worried about waking up their neighbours, there’s also a night mode that will reduce reverberation to allow your neighbours a good night’s sleep without the need to sacrifice your movie time.


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Published October 7, 2019