Samsung’s New Galaxy Fold Proves Content Is King

bigger is better

Samsung’s latest smartphone innovation arrives in the form of the Galaxy Fold (RM8,388 in Cosmos Black and Space Silver). When closed, the phone fits snugly in one hand for simple tasks through its 4.6-inch AMOLED display. Its true form, however, is revealed when open through a satisfying folding mechanism akin to opening a book. In its full glory, the Fold boasts a 7.3-inch AMOLED display that makes browsing and viewing content a joy.

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Clever multitasking software and a 4380mAh battery makes the phone a dream for power users looking to get work done on the go, while a suite of cameras satisfies the photography demands of a modern smartphone. To top it off, the Galaxy Fold comes with its own fast charger and wireless ear buds (tuned by AKG) right out of the box.



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