How Many Classic Cars Can You Spot And Name In This 3-Minute Drone Video?

Finished all your puzzles? Here’s a fun little quarantine game that everyone can play: See how many classic cars you can identify in this YouTube clip. Then, work out which ones you are going to buy.

The handiwork of videographer Nick Lang, the three-minute video showcases around 1,400 vehicles currently on display at the Classic Auto Mall in Pennsylvania, a thousand of which are also up for sale. For instance, that retro blue-and-white 1956 Ford Customline roughly 14 seconds in? It could be yours for just US$24,000 (or about RM105,000).

The remarkable collection includes classic cars from the 1900s through to the 1970s and covers 336,000 square feet of space. Lang artfully captured the storied cars via a Shendrones Geyser drone—which is about the size of a football—after prepping for two days to make the video as smooth as possible.

“Since there were so many iconic cars in each room, I decided to pick the best path that would cover the majority of the cars instead of selecting a few that I really wanted to highlight,” Lang told auto site Car and Driver.

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And it appears the videographer succeeded. The end result is a showreel of fine dream machines that’s sure to snap you out of those Covid-19 blues.

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