It’s Not Too Early To Start Your Future Travel Plans With Belmond’s ‘Tomorrow Time’

There’s good news on the horizon if you can feel your wanderlust getting the better of you: the pioneering luxury travel company Belmond will reopen its global operations, beginning with its iconic Italian properties Belmond Hotel Splendido and Hotel Cipriani on 19 June. Of Belmond’s portfolio of 46 properties, all of its Asia hotels (including Residence d’Angkor in Cambodia and Jimburan Puri in Bali) will open their doors on 1 July, with another four properties in Europe and the US are to reopen this summer.

Those keen on making a booking now can explore the newly introduced ‘Tomorrow Time Travel Pass’: a travel voucher with no expiration date that can be used for future Belmond trips. As an extra incentive to delve into the brand’s unique travel experiences, which take the form of hotels, trains, and boats, Belmond has topped up the voucher with an additional 20 percent of its value. Travel lovers who remain cautious can instead opt to try Belmond’s Travel Dreams augmented reality filter on Instagram, which transports users to a virtual Belmond world, such as a carriage of the Venice Simplon-Orient Express.

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