DJ Soda Talks About Staying True To Herself And Her Dream Music Collaboration

Recently, a remarkable 297 Ferrari cars, including the classic Ferrari Dino and the exceptional Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, convened for the Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia Festival, the largest gathering of Prancing Horses at a single event, according to the Malaysian Book of Records. However, one spectacular Ferrari Roma Spider stood out from the rest, not only because of its stylistic brilliance but also because, within the car, was South Korean superstar DJ Soda, who was thrillingly driven up to the stage to put on an exhilarating show for the 600 exclusive guests. Accompanied by pyrotechnics, she captivated the crowd during a 90-minute set with EDM classics, modern tunes and EDM remixes of K-pop songs, even taking selfies with a lucky few.

Dress: Jamie from Glamedge. Earrings: Swarovski. Heels: DJ Soda’s own.

Although she seems as fresh faced as any K-pop idol, DJ Soda has been active for more than a decade now, transitioning from musical acting to DJing in Gangnam’s famous clubs. After going viral for her now signature move, ‘The Flute Dance’, DJ Soda has gone on to headline and perform at numerous music festivals worldwide. Also known for her energetic performances and unique style, DJ Soda also conducts active DJ tours around the world, including the United States, and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in EDM including KSHMR and Steve Aoki. Beyond music, her stellar fashion sense has earned her brand partnerships and collaborations with Dior, Nike, Chanel and more.

Now boasting more than five million followers on Instagram, Hwang So-hee (her birth name) has cemented herself as one of Korea’s most talented DJs in an industry dominated by men.

(left photo) Gown: Tarik Ediz from Glamedge. Earrings: DJ Soda’s own.
(right photo) Dress, boots and accessories: stylist owned. Earrings: make up artist’s own.

What did you enjoy most about the Ferrari Malaysia Owners Club Malaysia Festival?

It was an incredible experience. I truly enjoyed seeing the diverse range of Ferrari models on the road and the enthusiasm of fellow car enthusiasts. The atmosphere was electric, and the highlight was definitely the parade of vintage Ferraris.

Which Ferrari model is your favourite?

The Ferrari Testarossa and the SF90. I love their sleek design combined with powerful performances. These two perfectly balance elegance and speed, making them thrilling cars to drive.

(left photo) Dress: Jamie from Glamedge. Earrings: Gung jewellery. Heels: DJ Soda’s own.
(right photo) Dress: Aaron Yong. Earring: make up artist’s own. Heels: stylist’s own. Flower arrangement: Witchwood.

What is your routine before you perform at an event to keep your energy up throughout your set?

Before an event, I make sure to stay hydrated and eat a light, healthy meal. Then I do a quick workout or some stretching. I also do a half body bath to get my blood flowing. Additionally, listening to some upbeat music helps set the right mood, and I take a few moments to meditate and visualise a successful performance. Plus, I love to eat chocolates and chocolate milk right before my performance!

Who is a dream musician or artist you want to collaborate with for your music?

My dream collaboration would be with Drake, as his music style is versatile and inspiring. I believe that working with him would result in some incredible tracks.

(left photo) Dress: Kittieyiyi. Earrings: make up artist’s own. Heels and bracelet: DJ Soda’s own. Cake: Heynneo.
(right photo) Fur coat: stylist’s own. Brown dress: designed by stylist. Shoes: Saoi. Earrings: Gung Jewellery.

What is your all-time favourite sneaker that you have in your amazing collection?

Definitely the Air Jordan 1. It has a classic design that never goes out of style, and it’s versatile enough to wear with almost any outfit. I participated in the Off-White Chicago Jordan 1 release event, where I showcased the Jordans alongside NBA player Russell Westbrook. I also had the privilege of getting my shoes personally signed by Virgil Abloh before he passed away, making them very precious to me.

What character plushies, toys or collectibles do you own?

I truly treasure my set of limited-edition Bearbrick figures, which add a fun touch to my living space. I also adore Takashi Murakami and Kaws’ artworks and mini figures, which I’ve already collected a ton of.

Dress: Kittieyiyi. Earrings: make up artist’s own. Heels and bracelet: DJ Soda owned. Cake: Heynneo.

Which food or destination do you enjoy the most in Malaysia?

I absolutely love nasi lemak because of its rich and diverse flavours. As for destinations, I am particularly fond of Penang due to its vibrant culture and delicious street food.

Which music or DJ equipment is essential for you?

My preferred DJing equipment is my Pioneer DJ controller. For me, their DJM-A9-4-channel professional DJ mixer is the best as it’s incredibly intuitive and versatile, allowing me to create seamless mixes and transitions during my sets.

Dress, boots and accessories: stylist’s own. Earrings: make up artist’s own.

Throughout your career so far, what has been your most memorable experience and what did you learn from it?

The most memorable was performing at the Ultra Music Festival. The energy from the crowd was unbelievable, and it was a dream come true to play on such a big stage. I learned the importance of staying true to my style and connecting with the audience.

What is the best career lesson or life advice you have ever received?

To always be authentic and true to myself. In the music industry, it’s easy to get caught up in trends, but staying genuine helps to build a lasting connection with your audience.


Venue: ELSE Kuala Lumpur

Lead Image – Gown: Tarik Ediz from Glamedge. Earrings: DJ Soda’s own.

Photography and Creative Direction: Jemmie Chew

Assisted by: Hailey Tan

Fashion Stylist: Birdy Lee

Lighting: Herry Chia Ee

Lighting Assistant: David Ong

Videography: Fion Koh

Videographer Assistant: Christine Hoo

Makeup & Hair: Jun Wong

Makeup & Hair Assistant: Ying Xuan

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