This RM9,000 Wagyu Burger Comes With Caviar, Crab, And A Custom Cowboy Hat

Montage Deer Valley’s Burgers & Bourbon restaurant is truly living up to its name with its latest offering. The resort eatery has rolled out the 1876 Burger Experience, a one-of-a-kind menu item that comes with an off-property excursion to boot, all for the apt price of $1,876 (RM8,842). The burger itself is made from A5 Wagyu, topped with Golden Osetra caviar, tempura king crab and asparagus, white truffle brie, and béarnaise sauce, all on a gold-leaf bun. It’s a monster of a meal for only the most die-hard of meat lovers.

Accompanying the burger is a tumbler of Yellowstone Select Bourbon, a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée Champagne, and a Padrón Anniversario 1964 cigar. And after finishing the meal, you’ll be whisked away to Burns Saddlery to make a custom cowboy hat. The equestrian store in Salina, Utah, is the oldest, family-owned Western retailer in the world, having been established in—you guessed it—1876.

The five-star Montage Deer Valley is just the latest spot to get into the over-the-top burger game. And its offering may even be considered a bargain by some. Back in 2021, a restaurant in the Netherlands was cooking up a $6,000 (RM28,300) burger called “the Golden Boy.” Similarly to the Burgers & Bourbon meal, the Golden Boy combined an A5 Wagyu patty and a gold-leaf bun with king crab, caviar, and white truffles, but also included Iberico ham, Dom Pérignon–battered onion rings, and Macallan BBQ sauce.

Elsewhere, we’ve seen a $900 (RM4,250) burger in Japan topped with foie gras, whose final weight rang in at an impressive 6.6 pounds. And Houston’s H Bar sells a $1,600 (RM7,540) “Black Gold” hamburger, with a whole pound of A5 Wagyu, foie gras, shaved black truffles, and a caviar-infused bun, plus gourmand-friendly fries and Champagne served on the side.

Now Burgers & Bourbon has hopped on the trend, with the 1876 Burger Experience besting the menu’s other offerings, which fall mostly in the mid-$20 range (RM95). Thankfully, you’re also getting an excursion to go with your meal—if you can find the energy to make it out the restaurant door after chowing down on such a jam-packed hamburger and indulging in both Champagne and bourbon.

Burgers & Bourbon

Previously published on Robb Report USA

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