10 Verdant Colognes That’ll Make You Smell Like A Walk In The Park

You know that sense of serenity you feel in the forest, or sprawled out with a picnic on a freshly mown lawn? This “centering” is exactly what the best green colognes provide any wearer, with vegetal notes including vetiver, moss, and tomato leaf that remind us of the natural world.

While the emulation of a forest bath is enough of a selling point, I recently heard another great argument for why green fragrances are so popular: “If we examine how we subconsciously gravitate towards partners with evolutionarily desirable traits, green scents make perfect sense,” says fragrance expert Emma Vernon, host of the Perfume Room podcast. “What says ensured survival more than a partner who smells like they keep plants alive?”

Given their broad appeal, green scents make perfect signature scents for almost everyone, Vernon adds. “Green scents are also perfect year-round. In warm weather, they can provide an added freshness and crunch; in cooler more barren months–a glimmer of hope for a verdant, lush future to come.”

So if you don’t have one, it might be worth getting a green fragrance, stat, whether it’s a signature scent or a welcomed addition to your fragrance wardrobe. Consider the below candidates if you want a surefire winner.

Guerlain Vetiver EDT

“Despite being 65 years old, Guerlain Vetiver remains as relevant as ever,” Vernon says of her favorite classic green cologne. “It’s had a few reformulations over the years, but its aroma remains largely unchanged, and its appeal has never waned. A harmonious vetiver that feels equal parts soapy, spicy, fresh, and green, with some soft florals that gently tie its parts together, this fragrance—while very perceivable—needs not scream to be heard. It’s as elegant as it is soothing, and smells like the scent of a true gentleman.”

Krigler Cosy Cedar Wood 72 EDP

From legacy haute label Krigler, Cosy Cedar Wood gives it away in the title: It’s like a forest bath in the Rockies, with cypress and cedar growing from a bed of vetiver, patchouli, rosemary, and fig. Incense, lemon, and a dusting of vanilla billow in the breeze.

Richard James Aqua Aromatica Blade of Grass EDC

I will never stop singing the praises of this fresh fragrance. I can count at least three times a friend has come over, pursued my wall of fragrances, and landed on this one, only to instantly buy a bottle online. The pitch is simple: It’s freshly mown grass, built on a bed of fig leaves, vetiver, and green tea, with a squeeze of bergamot. It’s perfect for anyone who wants an understated scent, or a quick pick-me-up at any hour of the day.

Trudon Deux EDP

Under this scent’s umbrella of conifers is a bed of homey herbs, including tomato leaf, mint, and basil. “Its crunchy freshness recalls celery,” says Vernon of this stirring and optimistic expression. I particularly love how Luckyscent describes it: “Think of Deux as a shot of antioxidant-rich green juice to stimulate the blood and re-start the engine.”

Les Bains Guerbois 1979 New Wave EDP

1979 New Wave might recall a specific era, but it is as timeless an idea as Paris in spring—be it a stroll through the vine-drenched Coulée Verte René-Dumont, or sprawled in Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. If you’re missing those references, let Les Bains Guerbois’ minty, powdery EDP transport you there.

Bianco Profumo Neroli Pomodoro EDP

Tomato leaf is taking a star turn in perfumery these days, and this is the note’s best expression. It also drips with neroli, basil, blood orange, and musk in a superbly fresh and crispy expression that has become my signature scent of late. It’s the best of Italy in a bottle, and considering the nation’s long history of providing ingredients for fragrances, that’s saying something.

Régime des Fleurs Rock River Melody EDP

Rock River Melody is on the warmer side of the green spectrum, and uses patchouli and cedar to blanket the wearer along with musk and amber. A floral and ivy introduction gives it levity, too, which means it wears well both day and night. This spicy, rousing green is a perfect cold-weather addition to your olfactive wardrobe, like the reliable jacket that you take out of storage as soon as October arrives.

Polo EDT

The grandaddy of green fragrances, Polo’s original eau de toilette has been a gentlemanly staple since it was introduced in 1978. Its staying power is down to is unquestionably masculine formula: lime zest, basil, vetiver, oakmoss, leather, and patchouli, and not a single floral in sight.

Creed Green Irish Tweed EDP

Creed fans love to tout the merits of Aventus, but its 1985 scent Green Irish Tweed shouldn’t be overlooked. Designed to evoke Ireland’s verdant countryside (and nod to its long history of producing menswear textiles, such as the titular fabric), this scent is redolent of verbena, peppermint, cedar, oakmoss, and lavender. We like to imagine its what Gordon Gekko wore in his heyday.

Hermes H24 Herbes Vives EDP

Translated to English, this fragrance’s name means “bright herbs”—and it lives up to that moniker. The opening is a blend of fresh, grassy notes that dries down to reveal a surprising pear aroma. If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, this is the bottle to reach for.

Previously published on Robb Report USA

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