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Save the turtles in Africa

It is estimated that each year only one in 1,000 hatchling turtles live to adulthood. The hatchlings that do manage to survive the dangerous journey from beach to sea are subject to overharvesting and bycatch threats — 4,950 turtles are caught each year as bycatch in Indonesian longline vessels alone. There are many programmes around the world attempting to give these beloved creatures a fighting chance, but Tanzania’s Thanda Island and Madagascar’s new Miavana Island Sanctuary are among the very best. Guests of Thanda’s 20-acre exclusive-use retreat can join the property’s conservation partner Sea Sense to protect turtle nests from mongoose and monitor lizards. Guests of Miavana, meanwhile, can do their part by counting hatchlings. The new 14-villa eco-resort is located near important nesting sites for four species of marine turtles, all of which have been affected by a spike in illegal poaching.

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Published September 16, 2017