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Blue Lounges, Ponant Explorer

Ponant has long set the bar for luxury cruising with its sleek yacht-like vessels, exquisite culinary offerings and exotic itineraries. Now the French company is offering something exceptional for the sea-faring set with the announcement of its new Blue Lounges, debuting this summer on the brand’s highly anticipated Explorer ships. The underwater multisensory lounges will feature two glass portholes shaped like the eyes of a whale looking out to the marine world. Digital screens will show live feeds from three underwater cameras, while a state-of-the-art sound system will utilise hydrophones (underwater microphones) to carry the natural symphony of the sea into the lounge. Guests will be fully immersed when resting on the lounge’s “body-listening sofas," which will subtly vibrate in unison with the sounds emitted from the undersea world outside.


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Published January 10, 2018