Lotus on Water brings The Colours of Prosperity and Elegance exhibition to Bangkok

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By spending an afternoon with Master Yun Long Zi, one enters the sphere of a sixth generation feng shui master, painter and Chinese calligrapher. Master Yun is an acclaimed artist and celebrated feng shui exponent. And as the founder of the eponymous Lotus on Water brand of galleries specialising in feng shui-themed objets d’art, he guides his clients towards greater wealth and life fulfillment.

As an artist, Master Yun won the Singapore Youth Festival art exhibition in his younger years. He graduated at top of his class from the NTU School of Arts and School of Science with a First-Class Honours in Chinese Language and Cultural Studies. He was also the recipient of the respected Dr Wu Teh Yao Book Prize.

For his upcoming exhibition, the “Colours of Prosperity and Elegance: The Feng Shui Art of Emeritus Master Yun and Lotus on Water", Master Yun brings to Thailand 108 stunning art pieces that capture the essence of his wisdom, as well as the energies of prosperity and good fortune. Held in partnership with UOB and The Emporium Shopping Complex in Bangkok, the exhibition features for the first time in Thailand, works of art amounting to THB1 billion (RM125.5 million).

“I’ve been both a painter a feng shui master for years," says Master Yun. With his creation of each feng shui-empowered art piece, he marries aesthetics with the esoteric “I meditate to find the answers as to which materials to use," he explains.

Each piece, according to Master Yun has eight to 12 layers of gold and silver. “The central theme would be to align feng shui to generate prosperity," he surmises. As a student of many Chinese philosophies, Master Yun says his work is all about the study of evolving energies. “For instance, how water transforms to steam, under the right conditions".

Beyond the art studio, Master Yun actively expands his knowledge of the feng shui discipline. “I’ve spent a lot of time in libraries, reading up on material that traces the various periods from ancient to modern. His discovery: the concept of wealth today is different to that of the past, so “I adapt feng shui ideas and principles to best apply them to the times we live in".

The Colours of Prosperity and Elegance: The Feng Shui Art of Emeritus Master Yun and Lotus on Water runs from 18 to 21 January at Emporium Gallery, M Floor, The Emporium Shopping Complex, Bangkok.

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Published January 8, 2018