Harry Winston’s latest addition to Project Z: Z10


Perfect 10

Twelve years and nine timepieces later, the team behind Harry Winston’s groundbreaking Project Z collection is showing no signs of slowing down. The latest addition to the family, Z10, displays all the innovative characteristics that connoisseurs and collectors have come to expect from the line.

Zalium, the ultra-light, ultra-strong alloy of zirconium and aluminium, makes regular appearances in the Project Z collection and is once again used in the Z10 as the case material. Machined from a single block of the metal, the 42.2mm case houses an open-worked dial, through which the HW3305 calibre can be admired. The blue anodised aluminium structure on the dial calls to mind the architecture of the Manhattan Bridge, a prominent landmark in New York City, the brand’s birthplace.

Over the years, retrograde functions have evolved to become a signature of Project Z. On Z10, they are represented by the day display at four o’clock and the seconds display at eight o’clock.

The time display is in a sub dial located at 12 o’clock, where a black satin-finished chapter ring adorned with rhodium markers shows the hours and minutes.

Harry Winston

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