The New Aston Martin SUV is Confirmed as the DBX

 a rugged new chapter

That Aston Martin is building its first SUV has been common knowledge for a while, and fresh evidence reveals that it moves ever-closer to its projected launch. Its moniker has been officially confirmed as ‘DBX,’ and, as new pictures reveal, it will not shy away from off-roading terrain.

Photographed at Aston Martin’s new facility in Wales, the DBX is clearly Aston Martin’s most rugged offering yet and seems quite comfortable strewn with mud and dirt. It cuts a fairly sporty look for a crossover SUV and retains snatches of the profiles of its sports car siblings, including the shark-like nose. We will find out in late 2019 if Aston Martin can successfully impart its traditional elegance and performance into an SUV.

Aston Martin

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