Mio Harutaka Uses Animals as Inspiration for Her Jewellery

 inspired by nature

Born in Japan to artistic parents who introduced her to art at an early age, Mio Harutaka has always had an eye for creative design. Inspired by her jewellery designer mother, Harutaka began creating her own whimsical, fanciful pieces and ultimately established her eponymous brand in 2011. “My first memory of creating jewellery was when I was 20 years old,” says Harutaka. Her mother suggested she craft a piece of jewelry to commemorate a Japanese holiday known as Coming of Age Day, a ceremony meant to usher 20-year-olds into adulthood. Harutaka designed two pieces for the special occasion — a ring shaped like her beloved childhood pet rabbit, and a daisy ring inspired by her favourite flower. “The process of creating these pieces is the core and inspiration behind the start of my own brand,” she says.

The up-and-coming designer works with a variety of stones, including diamonds and colorful sapphires. “To be honest, I don’t have a specific gemstone that I would call my favourite,” she says. “I feel that each type of stone has its own unique power, expression, and feel. Each is equally important and becomes more than itself when combined with other stones that complement each other. My creations are somewhat like an artistic jigsaw puzzle, and each stone used is a piece of that puzzle that fits perfectly in place and is needed in order for the puzzle to be truly complete.” She has long been passionate about animals as subjects, and she is also inspired and influenced by flora and fauna. When asked which design she considers her most unique, Harutaka says it’s impossible to pick just one: “I truly feel that all my designs are very unique . . . Each is alive with its own spirit and soul.”

Harutaka has some recommendations when it comes to her jewellery as gifts. “If a lovely and heartwarming gift is what you desire for your partner, we have some special design pieces that are perfect, such as Bunny rings, Kitty rings, and Flower rings and earrings that are each crafted with extreme detail,” she says. “As a gift for a friend, my suggestions include the absolutely stunning Dragon Fly earring and a strikingly beautiful Honey Bee earring. In Japan, they are considered lucky charms, bringing good fortune and positive energy upon the wearer.” Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Mio Harutaka

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