This Futuristic Concept Superyacht Is Called The Shape, And It Has A Giant Hole On It

A gaping hole in the side of a superyacht is usually considered a bad thing, but not according to Lazzarini. The Italian design studio, known for churning out all manner of disruptive creations, has just unveiled a new 226-footer with a giant void smack-dab in the middle of the superstructure. The concept, which has been fittingly named The Shape, has a truly singular silhouette with sleek, futuristic lines and a gleaming silver hull that hints at the next-gen tech incorporated throughout.

The standout feature is, of course, the arc, or “hole deck” as Lazzarini calls it, which can be customised to each seafarer’s needs. Accessible via a door at the vessel’s bow, the sprawling space is ideal for lounging and is fitted with steps down to the ocean for requisite dips.


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The Shape is crowned by a glass-bottom infinity pool situated on the upper deck. It allows the swimmers above to look down on those below (or vice versa). Here, you’ll also find a helipad to facilitate the comings and goings of those onboard. At the stern, meanwhile, there is a waterside beach club with a diving platform, plus a garage for toys.

The luxurious interior, which is located aft past the hole, spans just shy of 115 feet and has been split into three different decks. Six VIP suites occupy the first deck while the living quarters are situated on the second. The command cabin on the third. The top deck is also fitted with a Jacuzzi if you prefer to soak in privacy.

To top it off, The Shape is designed to run exclusively on clean energy. If built, it’ll be equipped with what Lazzarini calls an advanced propulsion system that runs on hydrogen and would be fitted with rooftop solar panels to generate electricity for the onboard amenities.

On the whole, The Shape has truly broken the mold.


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