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Exotic Voyages’ Coast-to-Coast: a self-driving tour of Oman

From US$1,480 per person
  • It is an unusual occasion that you experience the Sultanate of Oman on your own drive. By rental car that we’ve prepared for you, every place is possible. On the beautiful long trails from Muscat, through Sohar, Nizwa, to Ras Al Jinz, not only will you surely enjoy the stunning coasts off north in the Arabian Ocean, but also get a glimpse of what a life in the desert is like. Magnificent ancient forts, colorful local souks (markets), beautifully lined pottery workshops along the way will treat you well at sight and at heart.

    So let’s get on and begin your own driving experience from coast to coast of the country to visit the most amazing spots in Muscat, Sohar, Bahla, Wahiba Sands, Ras Al Jinz. Don’t forget to lower the window and breathe in the fresh air of the coastlines amidst the rushing look of urban landscapes along the way.

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"The oyster turns into pearl the sand which annoys it. – Sidney Newton Bremer"