An eight-course dinner to remember with Tippling Club and Ku De Ta Bali

Ryan Clift, Tippling Club

What happens when Bali’s prime sunset destination meets Singapore’s avant-garde cocktail and tasting menu experience?

For two nights only on 25 and 26 April, chef-owner Ryan Clift of Tippling Club welcomes his friends, chefs Benjamin Cross and Stephen Moore of Ku De Ta Bali’s experimental kitchen Mejekawai, to host a forceful eight-course dinner at Tippling Club, Singapore.

The like-minded trio, known for their gutsy cuisine, aims to offer the best of both restaurants in unprecedented ways. Their pan-Asian influences are set to shine in dishes like Raw Beef in Szechuan Oil, King Fish Collar with Chilli Paste,  Sea Urchin on pain d’epicce, and many more dishes served in inventive ways.

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