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Revealing the secrets of Hennessy at Hennessy Declassified

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  • Hennessy will bringing its vineyards and cellars from the Cognac region of France to life in Naza Tower, Kuala Lumpur. From December 11th to 16th, the experiential “Hennessy Declassified" exhibition demystifies popular cognac legends by creating a platform for connoisseurs to experience Hennessy’ craftsmanship that has been passed from one generation to the next, the art of maturation as well as the entire Hennessy cognac-making process.

    Connoisseurs are invited to decode Hennessy’s myths and modern lifestyles in an unforgettable night with fascinating activities along with five fun-filled interactive zones and futuristic lounge bar. The exhibition will also feature internationally acclaimed mixologists, Rita Bonita from Hong Kong and Gento Torigata from Singapore, to showcase Hennessy’s identity in the art of mixing. Bonita has gained a wide popularity internationally in the industry as the owner and head mixologist of Ohana Tiki Lounge after being nominated as one of the Top 40 bartenders of 2017.

    The “Hennessy Declassified" exhibition is tailor-made to share Hennessy’s savoir-faire that has been pioneered by the brand for centuries. It is an interactive experience created for immersion in the culture of cognac and to educate, inform and immerse the public.

    The public can win exclusive tickets to “Hennessy Declassified" by taking part in contests through Hennessy Malaysia Facebook page and Hennessy Declassified event page.

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