The Snow Leopard Expedition by andBeyond

The Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh has been hailed as one of the last frontiers for wildlife tourism. This incredible 13-day winter expedition meets the elements head-on, in an awe-inspiring landscape, in search of the elusive snow leopard.

Ladakh, at the northern boundary of India, is an absolute must-see destination. The stark, natural beauty of the region is as majestic as the elusive and enigmatic snow leopard. There are many rare and endangered animal species found in this cold desert landscape, amongst these are the elusive snow leopard, ibex, Tibetan antelope, blue sheep, shapo, marmot and Tibetan hare.

From your accommodation at Heritage Chuli Bagh Villas and the Snow Leopard Lodge, you can also expect exceptional birdwatching opportunities too. Keep your binoculars peeled for the snow partridge, golden oriole, snow cock, golden eagle, horned lark and red-billed chuff. For the duration of your journey, you will be guided by one of the region’s most expert guides who, in addition to being an authority on snow leopards, is also incredible knowledgeable about the fascinating cultural heritage of the region.

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