Maison Martell presents some of its finest eaux-de-vie in some of its largest bottles – the 11-litre Dame-Jeanne
"Maison Martell posessess an extraordinary library of eaux-de-vie, many of which are decades old, the precious legacy passed down from cellar master to cellar master."

Imagine finding the perfect spirit, something extraordinarily rare, aged, and that tells a story with each sip. Now imagine having a generous amount of this delicious spirit to enjoy for a good long while. For the first time in its three centuries of existence, Martell is offering such a chance in the form of vintage eaux-de-vie, presented in an exquisitely crafted 11-litre Dame-Jeanne.

Each release in the collection coincides with specific vintages unique to Maison Martell, with no repeats of the same vintages in future Dame-Jeanne offerings, ensuring its scarcity and value. Of the handful that are currently in existence in the world, a single 1968 Grande Champagne expression has just arrived in Malaysia with an estimated selling price of RM500, 000.


ON THE EYE a luminous, golden copper with brilliant highlights.

ON THE NOSE a first nose that is both expressive and delicate with subtle notes of herbal tea, combined with a hint of menthol.

AFTER SWIRLING these same delicate notes linger and develop with a sense of perfect harmony, complemented by mellow woods

ON THE PALATE this cognac is characterised by its balance, freshness and distinctive character. A frank, vibrant attack with prominent citrus notes (lemon, citron), evolving towards notes of fleshy fruit (mango, papaya).
The Dame-Jeanne – or 'demijohn' as it is sometimes known – is a large, narrow-necked glass container, typically used to store eaux-de-vie that have been judged to have reached the ideal level of aging. Once sealed into these receptacles, the eaux-de-vie within stops aging, and will wait patiently for the time it will be blended into fine cognac. For Martell's Dame-Jeanne collection, the vintages adjudged to be the finest are offered directly to the most dedicated collectors.
The bottle itself is a commemorative work of art, presented in a wicker basket as is the tradition in Cognac for centuries. The Dame-Jeanne's handcrafted production requires the skills of a master glassblower, woodworker and basket maker. It is also accompanied by a pipette, the classic taster's tool used to expertly draw the precious liquid from the giant vessel, without spilling a single drop. Thus it ensures that this heirloom continues to be enjoyed, and savoured across generations - taking pride of place in your home and building new memories of all the occasions when this delicious elixir is tasted.

To register your interest, contact Pernod Ricard Malaysia's Prestige Public Relations Manager Trisha Kuck (6016 428 4403). Other rarities to look out for is the Martell Zodiac, to usher in the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Tiger (limited to 12 bottles in Malaysia)