Robb Report x Graf von Faber-Castell

A Question of Taste - Which Graf von Faber-Castell writing collection best suits your lifestyle

Question 1

Let's start with a meal. What would your ideal dinner be?

A: A perfectly seared ( medium, of course ) dry-aged sirloin, paired with a glass of Ch√Ęteau Mouton Rothschild 2000.

B: A modernist creation that cleverly deconstructs the elements of familiar dish, with a cocktail made from small batch artisan liquors.

Question 2

All the good food leaves you in the mood to contemplate money. What would you invest in?

A: As the Baron de Rothschild once said, buy property. Real estate never goes out of style.

B: Cryptocurrencies - there is money to be made at the cutting edge of technology. High risk, high reward.

Question 3

Those investments have paid off! Time to reward yourself with a well-deserved holiday. Where would you go?

A: A private island in an idyllic location where celebrities will recognize you, instead of you recognizing them.

B: An adrenaline-inducing adventure - anything from heli-skiing in Iceland to booking your place in the world's first space hotel.

Question 4

The vacation has been booked. How would you arrive at the airport?

A: In a bespoke Rolls-Royce Wraith, courtesy of the good old boys at Goodwood.

B: If it's good enough for Lewis Hamilton, then the Mercedes-AMG Project One is good enough for me.

Question 5

Time flies when you're having fun. What timepiece on your wrist tells you the time?

A: A Patek Philippe. Beautifully crafted with invesment value as a bonus.

B: A Richard Mille. Exotic materials, boundary-breaking design and celebrity appeal.

Your Faber-Castell Pen Personality is:

Classic Macassar

The world may be swirling and changing, but some things never go out of style. Like your tastes, and Faber-Castell's classic pens. Rendered in expressively-grained Macassar ebony - one of the most prized woods in the world, with its beautiful variegated grain - this platinum-plated fountain pen combines precision engineering and virtuoso personality, setting you apart as a person of immense talent and incredible depth.

Your Faber-Castell Pen Personality is:


Guilloche is a decorative technique more common in jewellery and high horology, and Graf now Faber-Castell has now daringly applied the technique to the jewel-like tones of its Guilloche series. Seventeen colours and patterns are available, made of individually engraved, hand-lacquered and polished resin - each reflecting a different mood and groove. This is for the person who knows exactly when and where to bend rules, always thinking two steps ahead of the curve and who revels in the thrill of risk and adventure. You know where you have come from, true, but you also know exactly what it is that will get you ahead.

There are nine colors of Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche to choose from. Which one best suits your personality? To find out, read about the Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche collection here.