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Winding up

THE BUBEN & Zörweg AGArtos tourbillon

Numbers tell a tale. An estimated four thousand hours of development went into creating this, Buben & Zörweg’s Agartos tourbillon, a showcase watchwinder that at first glance looks like an unfathomable futuristic gadget from a science-fiction film.

Crowned with an open-dial tourbillon clock, the Agartos Tourbillon houses five timepieces. One is always displayed prominently, right in the centre, while with a simple hand gesture, the two side doors slide open to reveal the other four. You can almost imagine the soft hiss of pressurised air.

The Agartos Tourbillon is the culmination of those four thousand hours contributed by a team of ten specialists brought together from different expertise – wood, aluminium, composite materials, glass, leather, mechanical engineering and electronic. The cool, curvy look is the result of a manufacturing process that involves five state-of-the-art axel CNC machines and 3D printing technology. And the pedigree gets higher. The high gloss metallic lacquer that covers the watchwinder is akin to those found on supercars, while the brilliant ‘stardust’ lacquer itself takes six month of sanding and polishing to achieve.

All those numbers tell a tale. And the Buben & Zörweg Agartos Tourbillon is the happy ending of that story.

Buben & Zörweg Agartos Tourbillon

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Published January 21, 2016