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Flower power with Maison des Roses

The idea of a bouquet of flowers is an ancient one, dating back to the heyday of Ancient Egypt, when blooms were formally arranged in vases as a tribute to divinity and a sacred ode. Not much has changed in five thousand years. Flowers still have the power to evoke and define beauty today, whether in celebration, in mirth or in joy.

It is this idea that Maison des Roses, founded in 2015, takes to a higher level. Founded by Tengku Asra Azlan, Dianthus and Datin Olga Babkina, the luxury Malaysian floral atelier loves flowers and loves creating sumptuous floral displays.

It shows.

Spectacular floral arrangements with Maison des Roses

Utilising only the best of blooms, including peonies, roses, hydrangeas, cymbidium and phalaenopsis orchids, each creation is delivered in Maison des Roses’ signature black boxes, a careful juxtaposition against the fragile feminity of the flowers. Naturally, the displays themselves conform to the square shape, an unusual geometric choice that lends itself to dramatic displays.

Like the Alexandra (RM 525), from its catalogue, a vibrant canvas of red and fuchsia roses, accented with pixels of bright blue hydrangeas. This element of contrast is something Maison des Roses does well; utilising chroma combinations to their best effect. In the Czarina bouquet (RM525), Taj Mahal red roses stand out brilliantly against a pastel pink and blue background of hydrangeas, with hand-painted gold roses providing additional Slavic drama. The Saloma (RM575), inspired by the palette of the Peranakan culture, splashily weaves the three primary colours together – the red of roses, the blue of hydrangeas and the green of cymbidium orchids.

That isn’t to say that Maison des Roses operates exclusively to the dramatic repertoire; many of its creations also veer to the serene, the harmonious and the wistful. Awan Bulan (RM625) is a dreamy, lulling scene of pale pink roses, soft blue and hand-painted gold hydrangeas, crowned with perfect butterfly phalaenopsis orchids. The Kurshiah (RM685) confines itself to the red spectrum, with double-bloomed lilac roses, deep purple and lilac phalaenopsis orchids and a few good fuchsia pink roses creating an impressionistic canvas of crimson tones. Or the Casablanca (RM675), which limits itself to two shades – white and green – resulting in beautifully pastoral collage of white roses, green hydrangeas, white lisianthus and white agapanthus.

With a pedigree of over 15 years of floral arrangements, Maison des Roses’ creations make a statement. Harnessing the power of social media, their Instagram ( is the perfect introduction to Maison des Roses’ striking floral arrangement; and when you’ve decided on which blooms suit you best, the floral bouquets are available through their website for delivery across Peninsula Malaysia.

Maison des Roses

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