Kingston Chu

Tick talking with the Managing Director of Sincere Watch Limited

Ever since Sincere Watch Limited was acquired by Hong Kong-based Kingston Financial Group Limited in the spring of 2012, Kingston Chu has been thrust onto the fast track of watch retailing. That his name is similar to the billion-dollar holdings company is no fluke; his mother Pollyanna Chu serves as group CEO and majority shareholder. And right now, her only son is firmly focussed on building the business with its network spanning China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Macau, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia.

It was only after I moved back to Hong Kong, after three years on Wall Street, that the universe of high horology opened up to me. At social mixers and in the financial world, I would see Franck Mullers, Omegas and Pateks among many others.

Late in 2011, I was looking for something myself and I noticed a Franck Muller Long Island at the store. I went out, had a think about it, and then went back for it.

Having the right timepiece, when you start with high horology, is really an affirmation of your personal sense of belonging. That Long Island did that for me, with its black dial, steel case and moon phase. It was both a complicated and tasteful watch.

My lifetime goal, ultimately, is to collect an iconic piece from every brand. There’s always something about each brand – heritage, craftsmanship, technical wizardry – that earns them recognition. I think of these icons as stars in a galaxy.

Although my personal collection isn’t shining very brightly yet, one of the undoubted stars is a Lange 1 GMT in Platinum. The detail and finishing on this just blows me away.

Every day, I think, breathe and live watches. I can understand the fascination, especially with watchmakers who are absorbed, every second of their lives, thinking of how to make a better timepiece.

My biggest desire for Sincere is that our members of staff continue to enjoy and feel passionate about all these precious works that we are offering to customers. It’s a bittersweet moment really, when a customer makes a purchase, because our people have established connections to the timepieces. But then the customer returns, and this gives our sales consultants a chance to ask after the timepiece.

When I’m not working, I enjoy fishing and yachting in Hong Kong. These activities really enable you to see a different side of the place. To the northeast, past Sai Kung, there are spots where you get good fish.

I also enjoy my food. In the time I was in New York, I would always return to this little place downtown called Katz’s Delicatessen where they are famous for bad service and killer pastrami sandwiches.

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