Where Eagles Fly


You can tell a lot about a resort when you first arrive. The arrival test, so to speak, sets the tone for a stay. On that count, arriving at the Four Seasons Langkawi is as exceptional as every other aspect of the resort. The check-in process was swift, yet personal. That is to say, we were not treated as customers, but more like very special friends.

As opposed to simply ‘rocking up’ and going with the flow, leaving everything to the last minute, we decided to opt for the special packages offered by the Four Seasons Langkawi. The beachfront family Villa we booked as part of the  ‘Naturally Langkawi’ package was simply to-die-for and here is why: The resort sprawls over acres of manicured tropical landscape and pristine beach that is literally combed every morning.

The beach villa location gives guests a sense of owning a private section of a pristine beach and the interior design lacks any indication of corporate intervention, instead, allowing each room a strong sense of personality. The bathtub framed on either side by cushioned seating and the impressive floor-to-ceiling curtains that must be a nightmare to launder, showing another level of design intent on impressing its audience. This is not by chance; it is a deliberate choice by Thai architect Lek Bunnag, who manages to fuse the Moorish motifs of the Iberian peninsula with traditional Malay kampong design, lending the resulting fusion an ancestral, almost regal feel.

Whilst the interior remarkable for even the most discerning critics, the lawns that bind the resort together are equally outstanding, brought to verdant life by one of Asia’s most flamboyant landscape architects, Bill Bensley. This is a serious case of not resting on ones laurels.

One of the many temptations that guests at the resport will experience, one that most of us are accustomed to, is the urge to stay in the cosy confines of the villa and order room service in four hour intervals. On this occasion I persevered and stuck to the package schedule, which included an archery lesson. I am no William Tell, but I thoroughly enjoyed this new experience and everyone survived. Returning to hibernate in the villa was an option, but there is more to experience and savour here.

Dawn commences with breakfast – a marvellous international spread. What had me smiling most though, was that before I had a chance to eveb gorge on my waffle, bacon and eggs, the receptionist greeted me by name. This might sound insignificant but at the level of luxury, little attention to details matter.

Beyond the meal that opens the day, there is more fantastic fare. ‘Ikan Ikan’ is the resort’s authentic Malay restaurant, set in a relaxed beach pavilion divided into four teak decks. The beach in front of the pavilion is dotted with tiki torches and a bonfire that will install romance into even the most jetlagged relationships. But our personal favourite was the ‘Kelapa Grill’ overlooking the Andaman Sea. The restaurant has an elegant and vibrant feel and on certain nights of the week or upon special request, the chef will grill a leg of lamb to perfection using a uniquely delicious marinade that I wish I had the recipe for.

After being ferried by golf cart back to the villa on the second morning, we received a call preparing us for the mangrove and eagles boat safari. Upon boarding the boat from the beach directly outside our villa we met a qualified naturalist and photographer who was to be our guide on a journey into the past.

Before long we found ourselves streaming through the dramatic Kilim Karst Geoforest Park – UNESCO Heritage Site – admiring birds of prey and troops of monkeys lined up on the banks like tribesmen on the Amazon. The tour was magnificent to say the least. The arrival back to our beach marked the end of our very special stay leaving us with the ultimate gift of a sunset as we slinked back to our villa and the comfort of room service. Whilst the idea of doing ‘absolutely nothing’ is highly attractive to most of us, there is something to be said for getting the most out of your stay. Especially if that stay is at the Four Seasons Langkawi.

Four Seasons Langkawi

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