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The Silver Arrow of the Seas

Mercedes-Benz sets sails with the Arrow460-Granturismo

Venturing beyond the confines of four wheels and tarmac isn’t unknown for automakers. While Honda is flying with its HondaJet private plane, most luxury motoring brands are taking to the sea: see Bugatti and its Niniette sports yacht, the Rolls Royce 450EX concept yacht or Aston Martin’s AM37 collaboration with Quintessence Yachts. And so Germany’s Mercedes-Benz is going aquatic as well, with its Arrow460-Granturismo motor yacht.

Recently launched in the azure waters of Nice, France, the ‘Silver Arrow of the Seas’ combines the genetics of the brand’s most potent sports cars with the cutting-edge of yachting technology. Powered by twin Yanmar diesel engines of 480 horsepower each, for a total of 960hp, the 14 metre Arrow460-Granturismo cruises along at 30 knots, boosting to up to more than 40 knots with lighter loads.

Its nickname isn’t accidental; referring to collaborator Silver Arrows Marine, it also describes the optics of the boat – a mercurial streak across a deep blue sea that is inspired by the Mercedes-Benz F015 and Concept IAA vehicles. Holding up to 10 passengers, the interior is a plush playground of nubuck leather and eucalyptus wood, with retractable side windows and a raised windscreen that allow a panoramic repose. The configuration of each yacht will be unique to each eventual owner, with options including a bathroom unit, air-conditioning, an audio system, a wine cellar and an ice-maker.

Whoever gets one will have bragging rights. And there won’t be too many of them. Only ten units will be produced, and even then, each country is limited to only one boat. Pricing should start from US$1.7 million (RM6.66 million), but the rodomontade from owning one of these silver arrows will be priceless.


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Published May 3, 2016