Scents of Love

Penhaligon’s new bottles of star-crossed lovers

Greek mythology is positively the richest vein of inspiration known to man: from Shakespeare to Tiffany’s, the Gods of Olympus and the travails of their worshippers have served as muse for countless works. British perfumer Penhaligon’s dives deep into this lore for their latest fragrance: a duo of perfumes united by a love story.

Endymion, known as the most handsome son of Zeus, already gave his name to a Penhaligon’s scent way back in 2003. So handsome was he that the goddess of the moon, Luna, fell in love with him. But Endymion was a human shepherd, despite his Olympian heritage, and thus subject to the ravages of time. Luna, wanting to preserve his beauty forever, entreated Zeus so that she could gaze upon him eternally, a wish that was granted by placing Endymion in an eternal sleep. Every night, when the moon rose, Luna would visit him in his dreams, bearing him 50 daughters.

Endymion is represented in a new persona as Endymion Concentré, for men, a semi-oriental fragrance that begins with a curl of sage and lavender, giving way to suede layered with geranium. His beloved counterpart, Luna, for women, veers floral, with notes of orange bigarade, juniper berry, bergamot, lemon, rose, jasmine and fir balsam, conjuring up scenes of a fresh, dew-laced garden brightened by the light of a brilliant crescent moon.

Both fragrances are available in 50 and 100ml sizes, priced at £128 (RM760) each for the latter size.


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