Aquatic Treasures

Presenting Tiffany & Co’s latest Blue Book collection

The ocean is a fascinating place. Beneath the depths is a mysterious world that may seem fascinating and whimsical to land-dwellers. Then we move to shallow waters closer to shore, where the sunlight and fresh air transforms nature, creating life forms more familiar to us.

It is this metamorphosis that has inspired the creations of Tiffany & Co’s Blue Book collection this year. And what better way to capture nature’s magic than with a medium gifted by nature? Spectacular gems abound in the collection. Tiffany’s famous diamonds, sparkling in various cuts that bring out their natural brilliance, are set with a fluidity that mimics the undulating waves of the ocean. Fancy yellow diamonds representing the sun cast their warm glow from the centers of statement solitaire rings. For some colour, the blue greens of the ocean are captured by aquamarines, tanzanites, tourmalines, sapphires and emeralds.


Tiffany Blue Book

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