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In A Business Class Of Its Own

Malaysia Airlines’ new Business Class seats

A hot towel is nice, but being able to recline fully on a flight is bliss. Malaysia Airlines is installing new Business Class seats on all its A330-300 aircraft, and reclining fully is now possible. The new seats, which will be available on flights between Kuala Lumpur and Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, China and India this year, can extend to a flat horizontal position, offering 1.93 metres of space. A massage function operated from the touch seat control panel completes the experience, pulsing gently in a soothing manner.

The new bucket-style seats also offer increased working space for those that just need to finish up a Powerpoint before landing, as well as expanded storage space and a 16-inch touch screen for those that prefer to kick back with a movie. The difference is evident; the new MAS Business Class seats are wonderfully comfortable, ensuring a good night’s sleep and a refreshed passenger when the airplane touches down.

Malaysia Airlines

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Published June 6, 2016