Joyful peace

The splendour of hot springs at Amanemu

The launch of an Aman is always something special, given the group’s proclivity for establishing luxury properties in curious, little-known corners of the world. In March, Amanemu, Aman’s second Japanese resort after Aman Tokyo, opened it doors, as the first hot springs (onsen) resort in the family. Located 300km southwest of Tokyo in the Mie Prefecture’s Shima, Amanemu is a literal representation of Aman, the Sanskrit word for peace.

Housed at the tip of the Osaki Peninsula in the Ise-Shima National Park, the resort consists of 24 ryoken-style suites and three two-bedroom villas, each with a private onsen hot spring bath and magnificent views of the Ago Bay, also known as the Bay of Pearls. Nemu means ‘joy’ in Japanese, and it is a quiet joy to glide around the elegant buildings that marry the traditional Japanese ryokan aesthetic with a contemporary, minimalist Japanese edge. Few, if any windows, are needed; floor-to-ceiling sliding doors open out to stunning views of forests or the bay, with privacy ensured by careful calibration of the layout.

Beyond the privacy of the suites, Amanemu’s Spa offers two expansive onsen bathing pavilions, as well as a watsu pool. The Japanese treat the ritual of hot spring bathing with reverence bordering on religion, and that respect is very much evident here. And after the repose, celebrate with a meal consisting of dishes celebrating the area’s gourmet heritage of Miketsukuni – the Mie Prefecture is known as the Land of Imperial provisions, one of the regions responsible for supplying ingredients to the Japanese Emperor.


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