The five most over-the-top turntables in the world

Known as phonographs, gramophones, record players, or turntables, the altar of the dark vinyl disc has enjoyed a popular revival in recent years. However, for audiophiles, vinyl records have remained a constant presence. Over the years, a small handful of companies have been quietly toiling away to push the boundaries of turntable design – in some cases producing incredible products that are rarely seen outside of the occasional electronics show or audiophile home. Some consider the pursuit of perfect analogue reproduction to be insane given vinyl’s inherent flaws. But can an art form ever be truly perfected?

Pondering that question, we have scoured the industry for the most artistic and beautiful examples of the iconic turntable, which are manufactured in all corners of the globe. Each example is designed with perfect sound reproduction in mind and cost as no object. They are the culmination of countless hours of research, development, and design efforts, borne of an obsession with the ultimate goal of experiencing pure music.

Take a spin with these examples and decide for yourself.


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