The Carmine Bee Eaters, amazing avian art in Swarovski crystal 

Flights of Fancy

Every owner of a piece from Swarovski’s Crystal Creations Collection may truthfully claim to live a life of glitz and glamour. After all, a dull existence is well near impossible should one own a home decorated with glittering crystal masterpieces from the line. Launched 40 years ago, the range is a veritable treasure trove of the brand’s best, featuring only most collectible and artistic creations by the brand.

In celebration of the fourth decade of this collection, Swarovski has created the limited edition Carmine Bee Eaters. A design by critically-acclaimed Spanish sculptor Juan Ignacio Aliena, this masterpiece was decorated by hand with 52,888 crystals. It took a total of 450 hours to complete using Swarovski’s proprietary Pointiage technique, which sets the crystals on a ceramic matrix using neither prongs nor glue. The result is a brilliant sculpture that appears to be made up of wholly crystals. Only 400 pieces of the Carmine Bee Eaters are available worldwide.


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