Inspired by surfing – Duffy London’s Surf-Ace Table

Riding the waves

British designer Christopher Duffy draws from a plethora of sources for his Duffy London designs – the Pixar movie ‘Up’ for his Up table held aloft by balloons and marine contour maps for his Abyss coffee table – and for his Surf-Ace Table, he turns to the bleached blonde world of riding waves and wiping out.

Using traditional surfboard manufacturing techniques, the Surf-Ace table is crafted from a single piece of wood (sustainable logged under Forestry Stewardship Council standards). Wood is a material used to build surfboards since the ancient Hawaiians, and Duffy replicates this by carving, staining, laminating and finishing the plank into a table (and benches) of beautiful rounded curves and gorgeous graining that reference classic balsa wood surfboards. It does, in effect, resemble a surfboard that has been bent at both ends to create legs for a table. Which is exactly the effect that Christopher Duffy was going for. So surfs up! Dinner’s ready!

Surf-Ace Table

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