The Porsche Design 911 Soundbar is automotive aural rapture

The sound of speed

With a sonic signature as distinct as its namesake car, the Porsche Design 911 Soundbar delivers a powerful performance with a subwoofer made from the rear muffler and tailpipes of an actual Porsche 911 GT3. To add automotive authenticity, the Porsche parts (used as resonators to richen the listening experience) are left in their original condition, and the car’s ignition soundtrack plays briefly when the home entertainment system is activated.

Mounted on a matte-black base, the 200-watt 2.1-channel virtual surround system (comprising two speakers and a subwoofer) also features a Dolby Digital decoder for fidelity assurance, DTS TruSuround for surround-sound simulation, and Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity. Also present are an LED display, two digital inputs, and one analogue output.

The 911 Soundbar is priced at US$3,500 (RM14,500), and although some examples have already been delivered, there is currently a waiting list until more GT3 componentry becomes available. But the demand is understandable since the search for a better gift to give music-loving motorheads would be… exhausting.

Porsche Design

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