Let there be a place for a Buly (candle) in your home

Burning scent-sations

Some time in 1803, Rue Saint-Honore in Paris must have begun to smell quite nice. Buly – or Bully, as he preferred to be known – had set up shop, selling his intoxicating concoctions of perfumes and scented vinegars. His best known potion was Vinaigre de Bully, a patented scented lotion that cleaned the skin and refined the skin tone, earning him quite a reputation across Europe. Today, the Bully name lives on through the Officine Universelle Buly 1803 boutique on Rue Bonaparte and, from late September this year, online on Net-A-Porter.

Bring the Buly scent home with the paraffin-free scented candle, which is formulated from only plant-based ingredients like rice, soy and copra, and topped with a wick of pure cotton. Protected by a marble holder and a bell-shaped glass lid, it also makes for a classy decorative item for the home.

Buly 1803

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